NEWS: ISAR Aerospace is our Industry Sponsor for 2021!

October 15, 2021
Ole Dokka

One of the most innovative and fastest moving launch companies in the world right now, is ISAR Aerospace. As some of you might have noticed, they have signed a long term contract with the new base for launch of small satellites at Andøya - and will become a key player and partner for many companies in and outside of Norway going forward.

Now ISAR Aerospace and Spaceport Norway has established a partnership - they are our Industry Sponsor for 2021!

We are extremely excited to work with ISAR Aerospace, and look forward to have them on our program for all our events in October and November - and discuss opportunities towards our next major conference, planned in 2022.

We plan to announce Spaceport Norway 2022, main theme and location in November - stay tuned!