A new kind of sponsorship for Spaceport Norway

October 15, 2021
Ole Dokka

For the events this year, that starts in Oslo next week, we are fortunate to have one dedicated sponsor for each site, based on context and relevance in the program for The Life Sessions.

Let us present our Industrial Spotlights for The Life Sessions:

Mesh Community, Oslo, 20 October:

IDEAS from Oslo, working with technology development for space exploration missions for many years.

Digs, Trondheim 3 November:

INVENTAS, Norway's largest agency for product development. They have been solving complex problems together with customers for more than 25 years, including technology used on Mars right now..

Fyrvika (formerly known as Hisnakulen),Andøya, 10 November:

ANDØYA SPACE, been a part of the space industry since 1962 (!)- now building a commercial spaceport for launch of small satellites. The new facilities plan to launch the first payload to orbit in 2022!

Østre, Bergen, 11 November:

PROTOTECH, history of space technology development since 1963, developing more than 100 payloads since 1988. Today developing energy and life support systems and a lot more.

Innovation Dock, Stavanger, 17 November:

EIDEL, has designed and delivered products and control systems to the defence-, aviation - and space industry since 1966. Today they are shaping up as one of the most innovative technology companies in Norway - EIDEL is in the process of creating a small satellite factory!

Spaceport Norway is very proud of having these five companies as our first Industry Spotlights - we hope you will be able to meet them during the events the coming weeks. To be able to facilitate meetings that can lead to new and valuable relations, is our most important reason to exist.