Finding life in the universe - Breakthrough Discuss 2022 in Santa Cruz

June 22, 2022
Ole Dokka

Spaceport Norway is attending this year´s Breakthrough Discuss 2022 in Santa Cruz, the main topic this year is about low cost innovations for the future - and how it can help us find life in the universe.

We are proud to announce our sponsors for Spaceport Norway 2022!

May 25, 2022
Ole Dokka

Five months before we start the fourth international Spaceport Norway conference and expo at The Old Library in Oslo, we are fortunate to have more industrial support than ever before.

NORDIC LAUNCH 2022 at Spaceport Norway conference & expo in Oslo

April 7, 2022
Ole Dokka

We proudly sponsor and partner with the new accelerator program, NORDIC LAUNCH, at this year´s Spaceport Norway conference and expo in Oslo. A new initative

Start Space 2022: Success and high engagement in Trondheim

February 26, 2022
Ole Dokka

Ocean, sustainability, new ventures and space investments from Bergen

November 19, 2021
Ole Dokka, Spaceport Norway

On Thursday 18 November Spaceport Norway came to the "Ocean Capital" Bergen for the first time. On the program we had earth observation and ocean specialists from European Space Agency, start-ups working with space data and sustainable shrimp farming from Bergen, investors and of course the future of small launchers, our industry sponsor ISAR Aerospace from Germany. But our main reason to come to Bergen was the newly launched and ambitious organisation and brand, Clara Venture Labs.

Rockets, space energy, satellite data for offshore wind and more - Thank you Stavanger!

November 18, 2021
Ole Dokka, Spaceport Norway

Last night we had our Spaceport Norway The Life Sessions #3, at the startup & entrereneur hub in Stavanger, Innovation Dock.Space technology and infrastructure is always a hard sell in the oil & gas capital of Norway, but 40 excellent people found their way to Innovation Dock this evening, many of them from organisations that are shaping the future of industry in Norway, Equinor included.

An evening with talent, inspiration and space technology in Trondheim

November 4, 2021
Ole Dokka, Spaceport Norway

Yesterday we kicked off the second of Spaceport Norway 2021: The Life Sessions, at the startup-hub DIGS in Trondheim.119 had registered for the event before we shut down the ticket sales, 15 of them attended the event from a computer screen.Our working title for the session in Trondheim, was "Technology & Talent", and that is what we got!

Success for the first Life Session at Mesh Youngstorget in Oslo

October 21, 2021
Ole Dokka

The first of five The Life Sessions in Oslo was a success! Lots of people found their way to the event, enjoying a strong line-up with speakers from ISAR Aerospace, European Space Agency, NASA JPL, Prototech, Ntention, IDEAS and got to meet an comic book artist, working with science and history as his platform.

A new kind of sponsorship for Spaceport Norway

October 15, 2021
Ole Dokka
Read more about our sponsors here

For the events this year, that starts in Oslo next week, we are fortunate to have one dedicated sponsor for each site, based on context and relevance in the program for The Life Sessions.

NEWS: ISAR Aerospace is our Industry Sponsor for 2021!

October 15, 2021
Ole Dokka
Read more about ISAR Aerospace:

One of the most innovative and fastest moving launch companies in the world right now, is ISAR Aerospace. As some of you might have noticed, they have signed a long term contract with the new base for launch of small satellites at Andøya - and will become a key player and partner for many companies in and outside of Norway going forward.