An evening with talent, inspiration and space technology in Trondheim

November 4, 2021
Ole Dokka, Spaceport Norway

Yesterday we kicked off the second of Spaceport Norway 2021: The Life Sessions, at the startup-hub DIGS in Trondheim.
119 had registered for the event before we shut down the ticket sales, 15 of them attended the event from a computer screen.

Our working title for the session in Trondheim, was "Technology & Talent", and that is what we got!
A large portion of the audience at DIGS was students from NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, an engaged crowd of multidisciplinary talent, interested in space as a possible career, wanting to learn more about the many opportunities that the space industry can offer.

On last nights program, we had an opening keynote from ISAR Aerospace, our industry sponsor and an essential part of all our five sessions this fall, and one of the rocket companies that will launch from Andøya in Norway from 2022. ISAR Aerospace´s vision is to give easier access to space for everyone, including academic institutions and students.

Sheikha Al-Nasser, President Space NTNU (Photo: Olav O. Bjørken)

The President of the student organisation Space NTNU presented the activities they engage in, and the member organisations covering rocket engineering (Propulse NTNU), design and development of drones (Ascend NTNU), or development of small satellites (Orbit NTNU). They are all active in international competitions, and they are winning! One of the satellites developed by the students, FRAMSat-1, may be launched to orbit on the first launch from Andøya in 2022.

Spaceport Norway have supported Space NTNU from the beginning - and we will continue to collaborate in new and exciting ways going into 2022.

Inventas, our Industry Spotlight Sponsor, shared  insights from their extensive experience working with projects for and with the space industry. We alslo learned how their multidisciplinary culture of creative professionals and competent engineers, has created a unique work place.

Orbital Machines - our Startup Spotlight company, gave a good talk about the journey they are on, developing a High Performance Electric Propellant Pumps for launch vehicles and spacecrafts. They are making good progress - and will be exciting to follow going forward.

Norwegian Space Agency had two speakers covering two very different topics: how space infrastructure today help save many lives in search and rescue operations and what role it plays in other crisis now and in the future, and the wide variety of opportunties for jobs, internships and other programs, now available in the European space industry.
There is a generation shift in the space industry, so the need to recruit new talent is significant.

To end the program last night, we were lucky to have a special contemporary music experience, from the composer, performer and professor in Music Technology (NTNU), Øyvind Brandtsegg. In his work he designs and develop new electronic instruments, often with a strong relationship to science, technology and history of music.

Based on the feedback we received during and after the three hour session, the program and evening at DIGS was very well received and the vibe was full of positive energy and creativity that might lead to new projects

After two sessions we have now engaged with 342 participants in two different locations, and had 16 speakers on the program. When have

Now we are getting ready for Stavanger and Innovation Dock.
17 November we will have a program focused on CHANGE - the detailed program for Stavanger, Bergen and Andøya will follow shortly.

Stay tuned!