We are proud to announce our sponsors for Spaceport Norway 2022!

May 25, 2022
Ole Dokka

Five months before we start the fourth international Spaceport Norway conference and expo at The Old Library in Oslo, we are fortunate to have more industrial support than ever before.

Norwegian Space Agency continue to be instrumental for Spaceport Norway as a national and international arena for space business and innovation, but this year the contributions from the industry is on a new and different level. This enables us to create a world class event in October, and it makes it possible for us invite 100 students to the conference, for free.

In all our sponsorship packages, student tickets are a central component, as well as an exhibition stand and other touch points for visibility. The sponsors together with Rocket Grace (founder and developer of Spaceport Norway), we have now secured free conference tickets for 95 students!
We have a couple of LEO Sponsorship packages left to sell- then our goal will be reached.

Going forward we will present all the sponsors in more detail and depth, they represent different parts of the fast growing space eco-system in Norway, from established world class developers of space technology systems, to new ventures with global ambitions.

We are very proud of having this kind of broad and significant support from the Norwegian space industry - and look forward to work together with all of them towards Spaceport Norway 2022, 25-26 October at The Old LIbrary in Oslo.