Sponsors 2021

A big thank you to all our sponsors!

Developing a meeting arena like Spacecport Norway takes time, involves many different operations and disciplines, and costs money.

The strategic objective for Spaceport Norway .has always been to raise awareness about the opportunities space technology, infrastructure and services brings to other industries, and to give the companies already working in the space sector - in particular start-ups and medium sized companies - a channel and a scene to showcase their products and services to new audiences.

From the first conference we arranged in 2017, we have been able to facilitate new meetings that led to new commercial partnerships, this is still one of our most important performance indicators, we want to create real and and tangible value! And we the community to grow...so far we have been able to do that, year by year. But it is still early days.

We want Spaceport Norway to accessible to everyone, in particular students, young professionals and start-ups.
Creating a business oriented meeting arena and conference positioning space as a platform for innovation and business development, with low cost tickets, would be close to impossible without supporters and sponsors.

A big thank you to all that has supported us this year!

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